Home Is Where The Heart Is?


I hadn’t realized how crucial the website home page is, but everything Redish points out is so accurate.  She opens the chapter by explaining that, “to have a successful experience on a web site, people have to find what they need, understand what they find, & act appropriately on that understanding.”  You’ve got to make their online experience worth their time.  The crux of that is the home page.

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Who’s it Really For?



This week’s reading was one of the best yet. I enjoyed it because everything discussed seemed so relevant and important. I went highlighter crazy, to say the least. The author talked all about web content and how to create a site that will take off. One of the most important thing that he emphasized was that the site should be centered on the audience. If you think about it, this is how most things are in life. Actors focus more on how to perform for the audiences enjoyment rather than personal pleasure. An architect will generally construct a building for optimal beauty and convenience for the folks that will soon walk its halls. Web sites are just the same. Continue reading

POV: Where Are We Going With This?

Every time you read a book, short story, poem, article, or any type of written work, it is composed in first, second or third person.  We all know this, we learned it in, like, third grade.  Simple stuff.  Now lets take this same simple concept and apply it to film.  Every shot is taken from a certain point of view, or “person.”  It’s really a little more complicated that that, but to understand the concept as a whole, I enjoy that simple comparison the author of this chapter uses to get the wheels rollin’.  Now lets break it down to the hearty stuff. Continue reading

2-D Attraction


People spend a shocking amount of time staring at screens. According to the International Business Times, the Average American spends 2 hours and 11 minutes watching TV and movies every day. This is the third longest amount of time spent on one activity, only after sleeping and working. Whether it’s a TV screen, a laptop, an iPad, or a cell phone watching a TV show, a movie, a music video, a short clip, etc. there are lots of things to watch and lots of outlets to watch them on. So what keeps us staring? Why is it that people are so intrigued? This chapter explains the six field forces that clarify and intensify events on the screen to keep the watcher following and interested. Continue reading

Story Board

Here is the general idea of what I am thinking for my slideshow project! I will be talking picture similar to these on Furman’s campus. My topic will address student health in regards to stress.  I will cover the categories of eating, exercise, caffeine, prescription drugs, alcohol, and relaxation. In all of these categories I will address the sources and availability on Furman’s campus, how student habits in these areas are affected by stress, and the negative health affects of these habits. Continue reading